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EW135G2 Series Wireless Microphones Microphones a launch that is welcomed by all who use praise. Revolution 135 series microphone: it U-section true diversity receiver, headband and handheld microphone with matte metal casing, in order to ensure long-term use can withstand the rigorous test. Transmitter and receiver are four preset selectable UHF frequencies in order to simple setting and operation. To meet a variety of purposes, the need to increase the channel can be used when manual operation is set to step 25KHZ each increment, there are 1440 adjustable frequency, no string frequency interference troubles. Microphones its warm and clear sound by many recording engineers and sound engineers of all ages

Product description:

Handheld Transmitter Model EW135G2 Transducer principle dynamic sensitivity 1.5mV/Pa way pickup ring green heart-shaped logo
Receiver Tank Model EM135 G2 Receiver Principles of true diversity receiver antenna connector BNC * 2 6.3mm audio output interface line, XLR-3 socket Audio output level XLR: +18 dB 6.3mm: +12 dB Power 10.5-16V (DC) size 212 * 145 * 38mm weight Approximately 1,100 g

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